Nest Box Update 5.10.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs. We currently have two nests with at least some activity. One nest is definitely house wren occupied, the other seems to be bluebird. The four remaining nest boxes appear to be stalled with either “old” abandoned nests or are where nestlings have recently fledged and are waiting for new occupants. The Cow Pasture nest box had recently fledged 4 bluebirds, had been cleaned and looks to be over-going a rebuild. The rebuilders are most likelyRead more

Nest Box Update 5.3.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs. Since last week we have seen twelve birds fledge, eight bluebirds (two different nests) and four chickadees (one nest). Two nest boxes are occupied by house wrens and one box still has three bluebird nestlings within. The Cow Pasture bluebird nestlings have fledged. The box was lightly cleaned and a new berry basket placed inside for potential future occupants. The Explore the Wild nest box remains untouched. The nest material in the box also remains,Read more

Nest Box Update 4.26.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs. We have four nest boxes full of nestlings. With the rapidly growing nestlings its becoming difficult to tell just how many there are in each nest, they look like a big pile of feathers. Additionally, there has been one hostile takeover. The nest at the Cow Pasture is full of nestlings ready to fledge. It looks as though there are four nestlings in the nest. The Explore the Wild nest box is still on theRead more

Nest Box Update 4.19.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs. In our seventh week of nest box inspections we have about 20 nestlings, 15 of which belong to bluebirds and 5 with chickadee parents. There are 4 chickadee eggs being incubated. The Cow Pasture nest box looks to have a full house of 5 nestlings. What appears to be a big ball of feathers and flesh is a handful of individual nestlings. If you look closely you can pick out several beaks, some feet andRead more

Nest Box Update 4.12.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs. We currently have 17 eggs, 10 bluebird and 7 chickadee. At least 5 bluebird nestlings have hatched. There is one inactive nest. It’s difficult to determine from the photo below, but it appears as though at least 5 of the 6 bluebird eggs in the nest at Cow Pasture have hatched. One note, I heard a house wren singing in the background as I viewed the nest. House wrens are known to commandeer the nestRead more

Nest Box Update 4.5.22

Top Photo: Bluebird eggs. Every nest box on our six box trail has a nest within. Four are eastern bluebird nests and two belong to Carolina chickadees. We have a total of 21 eggs spread out among the occupied nests, 16 bluebird eggs, and 5 chickadee eggs. All but one nest with eggs had an adult incubating at the time of the inspection. We saw no activity at the nest at the Cow pasture, which contains 6 bluebird eggs. WeRead more

Nest Box Update 3.29.22

Top Photo: Bluebird nest with eggs. There are 10 eggs spread out along our six nest box trail. Seven of those eggs belong to bluebirds, three to chickadees. One nest, which had been started by bluebirds has been abandoned and reoccupied by chickadees. The Cow Pasture nest box, which last week held three bluebird eggs, now contains six. I saw neither parent while checking the box. There’s been work done on the bluebird nest in the box in Explore theRead more

Nest Box Update 3.22.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs from previous season. All of our six nest boxes have nest material inside their cedar walls. Three of those nests are complete and one has eggs within. One is a chickadee nest, the rest belong to bluebirds. The Cow Pasture nest box is occupied by bluebirds and has, so far, three eggs. The nest box on the service road in Explore the Wild has a half complete bluebird nest. Two years ago, this box wasRead more

Nest Box Update 3.15.22

Top Photo: Bluebird eggs from a previous season. Over the past week, two nest boxes have change somewhat, while all the rest remain as they were last week. At last week’s inspection the nest box at the Cow Pasture contained a near complete bluebird’s nest. The nest is still in the box but hasn’t shown any progress, no new nest material added and certainly no eggs. The Explore the Wild nest box is empty with no sign of activity. Curiously,Read more

Nest Box Update 3.8.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs (previous season). Each year I monitor six nest boxes placed in various locations throughout the museum’s 84 acres from March to August. Over the last 10 or so years that I’ve done the project habitat has changed, new exhibits have been built, and nest boxes have been moved to accommodate it all. I check the nest boxes once a week (Tuesdays) in the same order, Train Tunnel or Cow Pasture (TT), Explore the Wild (ETW),Read more