Looking For Frogs?

For you herpetologists out there, there are still frogs to be seen here at the Museum. That’s not to say that you can’t see frogs here in any month of the year, you can. I’ve seen bullfrogs at the edge of the water while there was ice covering our wetland! They are, however, much more difficult to locate during the cold months and many species are dug into the ground or leaf liter of the forest in late fall andRead more


The Animal Keepers cleaned the bear pool this week. The pools of water at the base of the Main Black Bear Overlook need to be cleaned every six months. The ponds collect much debris and algae and need cleaning. The cleaning often exposes all sorts of creatures, from crayfish to frogs. This exposition sometimes attracts opportunistic predators. It’s well known here at the Museum that red-shouldered hawks wait silently on perches along the edges of the Wetlands or in the swampRead more

Fall Frogs

Although the temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s (30’s and 40s at night), there are still frogs to be seen in the Wetlands. Bullfrogs and some Green Frogs may be active throughout the winter. When I say active, I don’t mean that they’ll be hopping about the landscape as in summer, but perhaps sitting quietly in a nice sunny spot out of the wind. You may not always be able to find them, but they’ll be there. Bullfrog tadpolesRead more