End of June Bloomers

Wild Bergamot is blooming along the main path to Catch the Wild as well as at several other locations around the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind loop. Black-eyed Susan is still the most abundant flower on the loop, but is beginning to fade. Coming into bloom towards the end of this period, the big showy pink flowers of Hibiscus can be seen at the top of the boardwalk leading to Explore the Wild and along the path as you leaveRead more

Rudbeckia, a Mint, and Hitch-hiking seeds

Now blooming are Black-eyed Susan, Wild Bergamot (a mint), and across from the entrance to the Lemur House, Showy Tick-trefoil or Beggarweed. Tick-trefoil is a legume and has small pinkish flowers, like a pea. The first part of its name (tick) refers to the plant’s seeds and their ability to latch onto and hitch a ride on your clothes, like a tick. The trefoil part of the name comes from the leaves being made up of three leaflets, like aRead more