Bluebird Update April 12, 2012

I inspected all six of our bluebird nest boxes on Tuesday April 10 and there are definitely some changes to report. The nest that had contained 4 chickadee eggs on April 3 now has 5 eggs and 2 tiny hatchlings. The birds apparently have added 3 more eggs for a total of seven, and, two of the previously laid eggs have hatched. It’s difficult to convey how small and fragile those little hatchlings are. Pictures help, but you have toRead more

Bluebird Update April 5, 2012

We currently have six bluebird nest boxes here at the Museum. All of the boxes were donated by Ken Kernodle and friends back in March of 2010 with the addition of two new boxes installed this year. The boxes were checked as to their current occupancy on April 3 & 4 and were all found to contain nests. Four of the boxes contained bluebird nests with four to five eggs each, one box contained a Carolina Chickadee nest with fourRead more