Getting ready!

It’s that time again, spring time. It’s time to spruce up the bluebird nest boxes, do any mantainance that needs to be done on the Wood Duck/merganser nest boxes, and start thinking about turtles. All of our bluebird nest boxes (6), are being cleaned, repaired if necessary, and new data sheets printed up and ready to go. I’m a bit anxious and excited to see what happens this year. I discovered the first eggs of the season last year onRead more

Something’s wrong here…

You know, how when you walk into your living room, kitchen, or sit down at your desk and you notice that something’s changed, out of place, or missing, or maybe that there’s something there that wasn’t there before? Perhaps it’s just the obssessive-compulsive in me, but as I walked down the path leading from Catch the Wind to Explore the Wild I noticed something different about one of the boulders that line the path there. I pass these boulders manyRead more