Family of Bluebirds

Ever since bluebird nest boxes were installed earlier this year in Catch the Wind, I’ve seen Carolina Chickadees, House Wrens, Brown-headed Nuthatches, and yes, the intended species, bluebirds, using the boxes. All of those species were observed building nests in the boxes, most laid eggs, and some were seen carrying food into the boxes and/or carrying out fecal sacs, a sure sign that there is young within. I may have missed some nest box activity. Birds don’t wait for meRead more

Mergs depart, Early Arrivals, and the Dreaded Cowbirds

I hadn’t seen a Hooded Merganser in the Wetlands since March. On the clear, cool morning of the 10th, there was a lone female swimming circles in the open water of the Wetlands. By mid-morning the bird took flight, circled the Wetlands once and headed off in a northwesterly direction. Will the mergansers return? My records suggest not. The third week in April (now) is four weeks later than these birds were observed last year. A buteo soaring across theRead more

The Urge to Nest, Martins on the Way

A Canada Goose was observed moving nesting material around on the small island in front of the Wetlands Overlook. The bird was apparently just going through the motions spurred on by the warm weather. The goose momentarily shuffled a few pieces of grass and leaves about on the island, then swam off to feed. Thinking that I was looking at an Osprey (unusual for this time of year), it was not a disappointment when the raptor that I saw glidingRead more