Nest Box Clean-up and Mix-up

If you’ve ever been in Explore the Wild and looked out over our Wetlands here at the Museum you may have noticed that there are two wood duck nest boxes planted there. One is on the far side of the Wetlands, the other on a small island about halfway across the water.     The nest boxes are there in an attempt to convince a pair or two of the hooded mergansers that winter here at the Museum into stayingRead more

Nests in the trees

  The squirrel in the picture was busily running up and down the trunk of the pine tree that it was perched on, collecting material to add to its nest. The nest was placed on a horizontal branch of a pine directly over the boardwalk in front of the Black Bear Overlook.     Most squirrels build their nests in a crotch or fork of a tree adding support to the mass of leaves and twigs that make up theRead more