Interesting Sightings Around the Loop

Top Photo: Dogbane beetle. While out on the trail I’m often asked, “see anything interesting today?” or “see anything cool?” The short answer is always “yes.” The truth is, every time I go outside I see something interesting, and it’s all cool. In order to see things, though, you have to be where things are, and you have to look. Part of it is knowing what to look for but it’s mostly just being aware of your surroundings. Like clockwork,Read more


Now that the leaves are falling from the trees, mistletoe is becoming more obvious. It’s mostly found in the upper branches of hardwood trees in the form of a somewhat round clump of greenery amongst an otherwise barren tree. Luckily for me, there’s one small red maple here on the Museum of Life & Science campus that’s hosting several mistletoes at a very convenient height, eye level. As you may or may not know, mistletoe grows from the branches ofRead more


This week’s Walk of the Week (WOW) here at the Museum is to a small patch of interesting plants which attract many different insects to both its tiny but potent flowers, and to its leaves (the stems and leaves are toxic, you can touch but don’t be tempted to eat them). While you’re there admiring the plant you may notice one or several green-bronze iridescent beetles on its leaves. The beetle is about 1/4″  – 3/8″ in length. It feeds onRead more