Toads Aplenty

Back in March and April I photographed American toads mating and laying eggs in our Wetlands. On April 11, I photo’d the small, black tadpoles that hatched from the eggs swimming in the shallow water of the swamp to the west of the Main Wetlands Overlook. Again, this time on May 20, I took shots of the tadpoles as they were about to become toads. They still had their tails, but also their legs. They would soon be ready toRead more

More Signs of Spring!

The turtles were out in force on the logs, rocks, and any other surface that lends itself to basking yesterday (3/17/11). The first Common Snapping Turtles of the season were spotted yesterday as well. The American Toad that I heard in Catch the Wind last Thursday (3/3/11) was busy in the U-shaped pond next to the Ornithopter. And, several times during the past week or so I’ve witnessed the Red-shouldered Hawks mating. There’s a lot of aerial display, loud screechingRead more