A little musky

A few weeks ago I reported on a very small, newly hatched turtle seen making its way across the path to the Wetlands. Well, on Thursday morning (1/27) while helping out with a Wetlands Program down in Explore the Wild I managed to catch two of the same species in a hoop net!   Both little stinkpots were released following the program.Read more

A musky herp and some avian arrivals

The thumbnail sized Common Musk Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus), or Stinkpot, in the photo above was walking up the middle of the path in Explore the Wild. The light markings on the marginal scutes of its carapace and face identify it as a musk turtle. To get a feel for its size, the willow leaf next to the turtle is less than a centimeter across at its widest (7 or 8 mm). I saw several adults of these bottom-walking, tree-climbing aquaticRead more