Winter Visitors

I recently reported that at least two of our female mergansers have paired up with males. That’s certainly true, but there are still “singles” out there who have yet to make a commitment. And, the available males are not being shy about their intentions. One minute they’re swimming along peacefully, the next they shift into display mode. The mergansers are, for the most part, winter visitors here. And so are Hermit Thrushes. One of the best places to see aRead more

It’s Snowy in North Carolina…

…Snowy Owls, that is. (see update at bottom) There are currently 3 confirmed sightings of Snowy Owls within our state’s borders, two in eastern NC, the other just showed up in Wake County.  That’s right, Wake County! These large, white diurnal owls are creatures of the arctic tundra!! One of the eastern birds is on the Outer Banks at Cape Point, near Buxton. Snowy number two is in Hyde County near Englehard, which is east of Lake Mattamuskeet. The Wake County birdRead more