¿dónde está mi casa?

There’s a new exhibit under construction in Catch the Wind. In the process of installing the exhibit there has been much moving about of earth, rocks, and plants across the landscape. Each time that I walk by the site there seems to be something new going on. I walk by often, believe me, there’s a lot going on! On one such stroll past the site last week, Landscape Tech, Jose, pointed out to me a tiny mammal running around inRead more

Another Shrew

On October 22, I found a Shorttail Shrew along the path on the north side of the Wetlands near the Lemur House. The shrew had expired. There were no visible signs of why it had expired. Curiously, another was found in the same condition back in June, just a few yards up the path (see, Shorttail Shrew, Explore the Wild Journal, June 16-30, 2008).Read more