Another Mushroom

Poronidulus conchifer is a polypore fungus. Polypores are mushrooms found mainly on dead or living trees, which play an important part in wood decay, as you can imagine. I first saw the ones pictured somewhere along the path in Explore the Wild. At the time, I didn’t know what they were. They looked very much like bird’s nest mushrooms, sans eggs, but as I later found out, are not related. They were about 1/4” – 3/8” across. Bird’s nests areRead more

A Bracket Fungus

Most of us are familiar with bracket fungus, whether we know it or not. Bracket fungus, or shelf fungus, is the typically small fungus that grows on the sides of tree trunks or logs. They look like little shelves. There are a couple of large bracket fungi growing from an oak tree on the Dinosaur Trail. The tree is between the Styracosaurus and the Fossil Dig. While you’re digging for shark’s teeth, take a break and have a peek at theRead more