Rough Green

I was just about to enter Catch the Wind from Explore the Wild on the back side of the outdoor loop trail when I spotted something stretched out on the path fifty feet or so ahead of me. It was either a snake or a twig that had fallen from a nearby tree. If a snake, it was a thin one. I increased my pace. As I sped up, two mourning doves that were also in the path, thinking I wasRead more

Long, Lean, and Green

  Sometime last week, as I passed the upper swamp headed for Catch the Wind on the far side of the outdoor loop here at the Museum, I spotted something on the pavement ahead. It was a long, thin object. Was it a thin branch that had fallen from a tree, or was it something else? As I got closer I could see that it was green, lithe, and alive. At about two feet in length, it was close to theRead more

Highlight of a “rough” day!!

As much as I enjoy Dino Days (July 16-17) and sifting through tons of dusty, gray, ocean-bottom sediment for fossils, I have to say that the highlight of Dino Days (at least day one, Saturday) was watching a Rough Green Snake eat a dragonfly in a willow tree just off the Wetlands Overlook in Explore the Wild. It was near the end of the day, hot and tired. Ranger Kristin and I were watching for frogs from the side ofRead more

Pickerel Frogs and Green (blue) Snakes

It was still raining on July 5 as I headed out to the Wetlands along the paved path on the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind loop. As I walked along, I could see ahead of me small frogs hopping to the left and to the right, hopping to get out of the way as I approached. There were hundreds of frogs! Standing motionless on the pavement, these little frogs weren’t easy to spot among the debris on the path leftRead more

Forgs, Turtles, and a Green Snake

Green Frogs seemed more vocal this period than in previous weeks. Northern Cricket Frogs can still be heard in the Wetlands, although with less frequency. Many Bullfrog tadpoles have morphed into adults during the past few weeks, evidenced by the dozens of miniature Bullfrogs poking their little heads above the water of the Wetlands. Yellow-bellied Turtles continue to venture out of the water to lay eggs. One was seen heading home after depositing her eggs on the north side ofRead more