Sleep. Very important.

  We all need sleep and red wolves are no exception. Our female red wolf’s favorite sleeping spot is behind the mound of dirt directly in front of the Red Wolf Overlook. Occasionally, she’ll rest slightly to the right of the backside of the mound. That’s where I found her for the photo above. Her sleep, as with most wild creatures, is rarely so deep as to not be alert to what’s going on around her. Her ears are perkedRead more

What’s on her Mind?

  Whatever it is that’s on our female’s mind, I can safely report to you that both wolves, our new male 1784 and female 1794, are getting along well. During the female’s first week or so at the Museum, she didn’t allow the male to come near her. She would bare her teeth at his approach. But just yesterday, I saw both of them walking together side by side. The male is still being cautious, taking nothing for granted inRead more