Turtles Seeking Sunlight

Top Photo: Sliders catching some rays. As soon as the sun returned after a couple of weeks of overcast skies, and 12 solid days of rain, our Wetlands turtles returned to their favorite perches to bask in the golden, and long awaited, sunshine. The turtles were crowded onto logs, boulders, and tree limbs. Where there was sun, there were turtles.       There’s proof in the Wetlands’ water that at least one turtle that had come ashore to nest this past summerRead more

Who’s afraid of a little rain?

It began to rain towards the end of the day last Friday. It had been threatening to do so all day and finally did around 3 o’clock that afternoon. People tend to clear out of the area when the rain starts in earnest. However, the wildlife is still there to see. The Great Blue Heron, bullfrogs, and Hooded Mergansers are not bothered in the least by the rain. In fact, the birds seem more active when it does rain. The reasonRead more