Quiz Bird 2 Answer

I know, I know, this is tough. But hang on, let’s go through this together. As mentioned in the post when the birds were first introduced, they are much larger than swallows, much larger; goose, duck, heron, etc., size. You might be tempted to say the birds are ducks, or better, geese, simply because they’re flying in “V” formation. Ducks and geese do fly in “V” formations as well as echelon (like a V with one side removed, as inRead more

Quiz Bird: answer

Thanks to all who responded to Quiz Bird. We have several correct answers/guesses. Some folks replied via comments on the post, some wrote in privately. The bird is obviously a large dark bird, black, in fact. Size is difficult to determine without something of known size with which to compare. But, you can tell from this photo that it’s not a robin-sized bird, far from it. Crows, ravens, turkey and black vultures, and even immature bald eagles are large darkRead more

Quiz Bird!

This bird was perched in a Loblolly Pine in Explore the Wild. What is it? Does this help? The first person to reply with the correct identification will win a special prize! Note: Participants must claim their prize in person.Read more