Drop-In Ducks

Above: common goldeneye (top center) with hooded mergansers. Hooded mergansers are regular winter waterfowl visitors to the museum. But, we occasionally have other waterfowl drop in. On Thursday, November 7, I spotted a female common goldeneye mixed in with the regulars. Goldeneyes are not common here on the Piedmont. In fact, they’re listed as rare to uncommon in our area at this time of year, which means some goldeneyes may be in the area, but you may or may notRead more


First, the “things to consider” from the last post are explained: My tracks are on the water. The tracks, or splashes, seem to be made by something striking the surface of the water, probably feet. Many creatures live in and around water, otters, beaver, muskrats, even raccoons take a dip every now and then. They all swim but do not walk or run on top of the water, no matter how fast they run.┬áBasilisk Lizards (some call them Jesus Lizards,Read more