Hunting in Winter

Can you see the bird in the above photo? It’s a red-shouldered hawk. As mentioned in the previous post, Herps (reptiles and amphibians), there’s been lizard, snake, and frog activity lately. This red shoulder is hunting those creatures. It’s also keeping an eye out for any incautious bird, shrew or rodent. Looking high and low, left and right, the hawk keeps a sharp eye on it’s environment for the slightest movement, ready to pounce. After many minutes (at least anRead more

And a Red-shouldered too!

Not a day goes by that I don’t see or hear a red-shouldered hawk here at the Museum. I’ve been allowed to observe them hunting and courting. I’ve been able to get close looks at them in various plumages and molts. I’ve even seen them catch a variety of prey as diverse as frogs and toads, snakes, rats, and even fish. It’s my opinion that red-shouldereds will eat whatever comes their way, as long as it’s not too large toRead more


The immature Red-shoulered Hawk in the photo was sitting just outside the offices of the Butterfly House. Just below the hawk is a small pond (about 6 feet in diameter). I often see red-shouldereds out in the Wetlands queitly perched above the water’s edge waiting for frogs or other swamp creatures to pounce upon. This is the first that I’ve seen at this pond. I’m told, however, by the folks inside the offices that this bird has visited this spot before.Read more