Barred Owl Days

The barred owl in the photos below has been getting around. That’s assuming it’s the same owl. There’s no reason to think it’s not the same individual that I’ve seen three times since September 21, but I can’t prove that it is. Occasionally, I’ll hear a barred owl call from the woods on the east side of campus during a quiet winter afternoon, or I’ll come across an owl pellet on one of our paths through the woods. I rarelyRead more


We all know that possums, or o’possums if you like, share the land with us. Whether it’s the tracks in the mud along the creek, the overturned garbage cans behind the house, or their bright red eyeshine in our headlights as we drive down the road at night, we know they’re out there shuffling around in the dark. But, we don’t often see them out and about during the daylight hours. Today, one apparently young possum was caught out inRead more