It’s Bluebird Time, 2015

It’s bluebird time again. I cleaned our six nest boxes last week (3/10), getting them ready for the birds to move in. With the weather as nice as it is today (expected to get well into the 80s) it actually felt like nesting season as I went around checking the nest boxes. My hopes were high as I peeked into the first nest box. The Train Tunnel nest box showed no sign of occupancy, no pine needles laid out onRead more

Green Heron Nests Discovered in Wetlands!

Green herons are in no way rare or even uncommon in our area. Here at the Museum they arrive in our Wetlands sometime in mid April and usually depart for points south sometime around the end of September. I’ve suspected they’ve nesting here at the Museum for some time but hadn’t found a nest. They can be very secretive about their nests. But, they can also be very conspicuous in their nesting activities. Tuesday (6/25) as I was walking down theRead more

Bluebird Update 6/4/13

At this time last week this nest box (the Cow Pasture, above) was completely empty, no nest material and certainly no eggs. A new nest has been built and so far two eggs have been deposited in the box. Last week there were four eggs in the nest which is next to the Bungee Jump. I and Ranger Kristin peeked into the box Saturday (6/1) and there were only three eggs. What happen to the other egg? The egg had to be removed sometimeRead more

Bluebird Update 5.21.13

We have three empty nests and three occupied nests. The Cow Pasture nest which was cleaned and readied last week for new occupants is still waiting for someone to move in. This nest has so far fledged four bluebirds. I expect there will be at least one more brood from this nest box. The bluebirds who have built a nest atop the old chickadee nest next to the Bungee Jump have laid four eggs in the nest. This nest hasRead more

Bluebird Update July 3, 2012

I conducted my weekly bluebird nest box inspection on Tuesday July 3, with the expectation of finding 6 empty boxes. I was surprised to see a new nest in the Train Tunnel nest box. It had one egg! This will be the third brood for this box. Although one brood had failed, it shows the tenacity of these bluebirds. So, we now have five empty nest boxes, the Take Off box, Sail Boat Pond, Amphimeadow, Picnic Dome, and Butterfly HouseRead more


Spring is wound up and ready to pop! Sure, it was colder than usual the first two months of this year. And, it seems as though it has snowed more this year than within memory. It’s predicted to snow today! But, there’s much evidence pointing to a new season springing forth. The days are getting longer. Both the maples and elms are ready to burst open their buds and Hazel Alder is nearly in full flower. The sun is coming upRead more