The Results

Top Photo: A very fresh narrow-mouthed toad. Back in July when rainy days and nights reigned over the wetlands I would hear the bleating, lamb-like call of narrow-mouthed toads calling from in and around the wet areas of our campus. The toads were here to mate. The results are in. Ranger Tim, on duty in Hideaway Woods, spotted a freshly morphed narrow-mouthed toad along the path there. They are very small. Newly morphed toads are about 10 mm, give orRead more

Storms Bring Out Frogs, Stinkpot Appears

The first week of this period brought daily thunderstorms towards the end of each day. Before each day’s rain, Gray and Green Tree Frogs and Narrow-mouthed Toads began calling from the dense cover surrounding the Wetlands. While it’s difficult to impossible to actually see it happening, many new eggs were being deposited in the Wetlands each night. On a smaller scale, and easier to see, small patches of eggs have been seen floating in the water of the U-shaped pondRead more

Tiny Toads, Morphing Frogs, and a Nest Robber

On the first day of June I heard Narrow-mouthed Toads calling from the Wetlands. They’re about 1-1.5 inches in length. They spend a good deal of their time in the woods in burrows or under rocks or logs so they’re tough to find visually. I heard their lamb-like “baaaa” calls coming from the Wetlands when the thunder storms of late May and early June brought them out to breed. I’ve yet to see one. There have been 12 species ofRead more