Iced Waterfall

  The recent cold nights and relatively cold days have caused the waterfall at the Black Bear Exhibit to freeze over. The sun doesn’t hit this part of the enclosure so there’s little chance for the waterfall to thaw until the nighttime temperatures are above freezing. According to my weather source, that’s not going to happen for another seven or eight days.       Grab your camera and come on out to Explore the Wild and get a fewRead more

Sleep. Very important.

  We all need sleep and red wolves are no exception. Our female red wolf’s favorite sleeping spot is behind the mound of dirt directly in front of the Red Wolf Overlook. Occasionally, she’ll rest slightly to the right of the backside of the mound. That’s where I found her for the photo above. Her sleep, as with most wild creatures, is rarely so deep as to not be alert to what’s going on around her. Her ears are perkedRead more