Early Fall Colors

Sycamore’s white upper bark stands out against the clear blue skies of fall. This tall hardwood does especially well near water. Look up and enjoy the view as you stroll the outdoor exhibit areas of the Museum. The deep purple berries of Pokeweed are quickly disappearing, leaving only the magenta stems of the plant to glisten in the afternoon sun. Gray Catbirds relish Poke Berries as do many of the other mimic thrushes and thrushes that are passing through ourRead more

Two Late Bloomers

Morning Glory is blooming at the small Wetlands Overlook near the Lemur House, and Goldenrod is in bloom at various locations around the Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind Loop. There should be more Goldenrod flowers as the season progresses. Goldenrod attracts many insects to its tiny, clustered flowers.Read more