No, TACO Week doesn’t mean we here at the museum will be making, serving, or eating tacos, although you can eat tacos that week if you desire. TACO Week is short for Take A Child Outdoors Week. You should already be doing that, taking your kids out of doors, as often as you can. But, this is just a reminder, an excuse, in case it slipped your mind. This year, TACO Week is from 24 thru 30 September. Though we’reRead more

Mistflower and Horsemint

Mistflower has been blooming for several weeks. One specimen is on the right side of the path between the main entrances to Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind. Horsemint has also been showing off its purple-spotted, yellow flowers for some time. It’s perhaps easiest to spot on the right side of the path as you leave Catch the Wind on the back side of the Loop.Read more