Merganser Display

Top Photo: Three male hooded mergansers try to impress female, though she seems little interested. Anywhere from a single individual to 6 hooded mergansers have been seen cruising the wetlands during the last month or so. Keep an eye out for small groups as they may be performing a pair-bond display as in the photos posted here. The males vie for the female’s attention, each aiming to become the one she chooses to mate with. They dance around in theRead more

Marsh Wren

While looking at a common yellowthroat forage at the edge of the Wetlands yesterday, I saw another bird of about equal size and shape rapidly move at the yellowthroat just as it snatched a spider from a rush stem. It was a marsh wren, the first I’d seen in our Wetlands, a new species to add to the 130 some species so far seen by me here at the Museum. Marsh wren becomes species number 133 on the list. MarshRead more