Hooded Merganser Nest

Unfortunately, the mergansers in the above photo do not reside in our Wetlands. I saw a report on the local bird listerv that a couple of broods of wood ducks and one merganser brood was seen at Sandy Creek Park on the south side of Durham. The park is located at the end of Sandy Creek Drive on the northwest side of the intersection of Hwy 15-501 and Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, just shy of 8 driving miles distance from theRead more


A single male Hooded Merganser has arrived in the Wetlands. This is the first merg of the season and a bit early. Typically, the second week of November is when I start to look for them. If I don’t see any by the third week of the month I start to worry. No need to worry, they’re here.Read more