The Life O’ possum

After hearing the sad news about the passing of Galileo, the Museum’s resident, exhibit opossum, and talking with Keepers Sarah and Jessi about the longevity of said animals, I decided to do a little research. I suppose I should have known opossums have a short life span. I mistakingly assumed they lived perhaps 4, 5, or even 6 years. I was incredulous when told they can only be expected to live about 2 years. Hamsters live longer than that! InRead more


We all know that possums, or o’possums if you like, share the land with us. Whether it’s the tracks in the mud along the creek, the overturned garbage cans behind the house, or their bright red eyeshine in our headlights as we drive down the road at night, we know they’re out there shuffling around in the dark. But, we don’t often see them out and about during the daylight hours. Today, one apparently young possum was caught out inRead more