Luna Moth Caterpillar

Once again it was the sharp-eyed Summer Campers (Floor to Canopy) who spotted the insect of the day out in the wilds of the Museum of Life + Science. This time it was Camp Counselor Hannah who first saw the large green caterpillar climbing on the block column leading into Catch the Wind from their Outdoor Classrooms in the woods. Good spot Hannah! Note: I removed the caterpillar from the column for the photograph and later placed it in the leafRead more

August’s Insects

Two spiders to look for in both August and September are the Green Lynx Spider (Puecetia viridans) and the Black-and-Yellow Argiope (ar-guy’-o-pee) Spider (Argiope aurantia). The lynx spiders may be found lying in wait on goldenrod, or other flowers, to pounce on nectar-loving insects. The Argiope, one of the most familiar orb weavers in our area, is often seen at this time of year waiting patiently on its web for hapless flying or jumping insects to ensnare themselves in the web. August addedRead more