A Hooded Surprise

Top Photo: A whir of wings and slap, slap, slap of webbed feet on the water as the birds take off. If you’re the first person of the day to descend the boardwalk leading to Explore the Wild you may see the mergansers in close to or under the boardwalk rousting out any mosquitofish, aquatic insects or crayfish that may be hanging out in the shadows. The birds are shy. If the birds see you coming they may simply swimRead more


There are now eight mergansers floating about the Wetlands. They looked a bit apprehensive as they cautiously swam around the water this morning. There were many high-energy school children making their various ways through Explore the Wild and the mergansers were keeping a wide eye focused on the activity. They will likely relax as the days roll along. Get ready for their pair bond displays as more females arrive on the scene. hhhRead more

Mergs Arrive!!!

This morning I noticed a Hooded Merganser in the Wetlands. I only saw one bird, which was either a female or young male, but I’ll keep an eye out for others during the rest of the day today, there may have been some hidden in the willows. I’ll keep you posted.Read more