Which Pine is it, anyway?

Nearly everyone you talk to in North Carolina knows, or has heard of, Loblolly Pine, if for no other reason than that it’s a rather interesting and fun to say name (we’ll get to the name later). When you walk around the trails of the outdoor exhibits here at the Museum you can’t help but to see these tall straight pines everywhere you look. They’re quite common in the Piedmont of North Carolina. There’s another pine here at the Museum,Read more


A few days before “official” winter began, it snowed. The snow turned to sleet and rain during the night but there was still some snow on the ground the following day. It doesn’t snow very often in our area so it’s a thrill when it does. I  took a few photos (lots of photos) on the Dinosaur Trail before the snow disappeared. Here’s a dozen. I did say that I took most of the photos on the Dinosaur Trail, so it’sRead more

A Few Flowers and a Photo Quiz

Blue-eyed Grass, Buttercups and Ox-eye Daisy are in flower. Fringe Tree, or Old Man’s Beard, is also in bloom. You can see this small tree or shrub with its unusual, stringy, white flowers on the left side of the path just before entering the Red Wolf Exhibit and next to the path between Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild on the back side of the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind Loop. All of the trees on the Explore theRead more