Jordan Lake Eagles

Just checked the Jordan Lake Eagle Cam and there are two eggs in the nest. When I first tuned in the eagle was not on the nest, the two eggs were clearly visible. There is now and adult brooding (not dwelling gloomily on something but incubating). Enjoy!Read more

Jordan Lake EagleCam

For anyone wanting to check up on the progress of an eagle nestling at Jordan Lake, here’s the link: EagleCam You’ll have to sit through a brief ad but it’s worth it. It’s streaming live video, but it’s educational, work related (if you work here at the Museum) and much better than watching the ACC or whatever that basketball thing is that’s going on now. Of course, I’d rather watch frogs lay eggs than most sports. I must admit though,Read more

Eagle Cam Update 2012

Last year around this time I posted about a web cam with a live view of a Bald Eagle’s nest at Jordan Lake here in central North Carolina. The nest is once again active. Two eggs were deposited in the nest sometime between December 2-8 and are being incubated at this time. The link to the camera has changed and is now: You’ll have to watch a brief ad before you can see the nest, but it doesn’t lastRead more