Odes, Leps, Herps, and some Aves

Green Darners have been ovipositing in the Wetlands (3/13). Up until this Tuesday I had only seen males patrolling the area. I was finally able to confirm the emergence of Fragile Forktails (Ischnura posita). I photographed a damselfly a week ago (3/7) but wasn’t sure of its identity, although I was fairly confident that it was a forktail. I’ve seen these forktails here at the Museum as early as mid February. It’s curious that I haven’t seen one earlier thisRead more

Just for the record

The first ode (dragonfly/damselfly) of the season was seen on February 24 flying low over the Wetlands. While I didn’t see it well enough to positively identify it, I’m confident that it was a Common Green Darner (Anax Junius). On March 1st I did see one close enough to make a positive ID. The first damselfly was seen on March 7, but again I could not see enough detail to make out the species. However, I’m fairly sure that itRead more


Since March 19 when I saw the first damselflies of the season emerging from the Wetlands, there have been five additional species of odonata seen. The first Common Baskettail was seen the 30th of March. Blue Corporal and Common Whitetail were both observed on the 3rd of April and a male Common Green Darner on the 7th of the month. A Lancet Clubtail was seen on the Dinosaur Trail on the 10th of April. If all of the new arrivalsRead more