Take a Few Steps

Top Photo: Northern cardinal suns itself on railing of Main Wetlands Overlook. I was about 15 feet or so from the cardinal in the photo above. You can sometimes sneak in closer to birds or other animals when they’re distracted, like the bird here, sunning itself. When the bird turns its head away, take a step forward, then stop, step and stop, each time the bird looks away take a quick and quiet step. Don’t rush it. Be patient. KeepRead more

Mystery Tree Identified!

Earlier this spring I noticed a small tree or shrub at the bottom of the boardwalk just as you make the turn towards the Black Bear Exhibit, where the boardwalk levels out. I didn’t know what the tree was and I don’t remember seeing it last summer. It was either a very fast growing tree or my observation skills are slipping, maybe both. I was stumped. But there were some clues to its identity. The leaves were somewhat maple shaped.Read more