What’s Out There

Top Photo: Mushrooms rise up through fresh mulch. The small, gilled mushrooms pictured here all emerged from mulch in Explore the Wild on the same day. The following day, they had disappeared. All that remained were a few stragglers. I’m not sure of the identity of these fungi. If you have an opinion, it’s welcomed. If you’re headed out to Earth Moves in Catch the Wind, you’ll probably run into a cloud of mist on your way. We’ve installed mistersRead more

Speaking of Brazil

Brazilian Skippers are butterflies. They are large grass skippers. They’re nearly the size of a Sliver-spotted Skipper (about a 2 inch wingspan). They don’t sit still for long so getting a photo is sometimes difficult. I had help with the above photo. Brazilian Skippers are essentially Central and South American butterflies although they have become established in South Florida and Texas. They’re often seen in the other Gulf States as well as coastal North and South Carolina. They breed inRead more