It’s all out there, heat or not.

We are not experiencing record heat, in fact it’s hotter today (7/19)┬áin Boston than it is here, high 90s to low 90s, respectively. But it’s still hot. No one could convince me otherwise. So why was there a bullfrog sitting on the pavement today in Explore the Wild? True, the frog in the above photo is in the shade. And, that particular patch of pavement is in shade most of the day, but is it really cooler than a niceRead more

Nest Who?

OK, no more rain for a while…but the HEAT! I don’t feel so bad, though, when I look out over the water of the Wetlands and into one of the heron nests. The birds steadfastly hold their positions shielding their eggs from the blaring sun, getting up only to change position or move the eggs around bit. Eggs not only need to be protected from the cold, heat can actually cook the eggs in their shells. The birds have toRead more

Coping with the heat, or not?

Insects need heat to be active, some more than others. But they can also overheat. One way that dragonflies (odes) may cope with excessive heat is to obelisk. What?! If you know that the Washington Monument is an obelisk, then you may be able to understand why this behavior (above) is called obelisking. The dragonfly sticks its abdomen straight up into the air. Why does it do this? Well, the thought is that the dragonfly points its abdomen at theRead more