Ragwort and a Few Others

Top Photo: Ragwort or groundsel in bloom in Explore the Wild. The ragwort we have growing in Explore the Wild, next to the entrance to the Floating Walkway, is blooming (planted). It’s golden ragwort (Packera aurea). Ragwort (Packera – formerly Senecio) can be found throughout the east in one form or another. Each region seems to have its own variety. What we have growing has rounded, toothed basal leaves which become lobed or dissected further up the 18”- 24” stalkRead more

Seed Dispersal

Butterfly weed, a type of milkweed, is setting forth its flat brown seeds. The seeds have been growing inside long thin pods since the summer and have now burst open to expose the seeds to the elements, one element in particular, the wind. The seeds are attached to fluffy white, silky filaments which help to carry the seeds, often, far away from the mother plant. The plant pictured happens to be in Catch the Wind here at the Museum, aproposRead more