Beetles in our Midst

Top Photo: Passionflower flea beetle. Beetles are insects. They belong to an order of insects called Coleoptera which, translated from the Greek, means sheath wings. Beetles have two pairs of wings, the front of which are, in most species, hardened and serve to cover the hind wings, the flight wings, when not in use. When on foot, most beetles fold their flight wings and store them under the hardened forewings, the elytra. Beetles constitute about 40% of all insects on theRead more

Late Season Insects

I discovered a treehopper on Common Ragweed near the Wetlands Overlook next to the Lemur House. The only name I could find for it is the binomial or scientific name Entylia carinata, but since carinata means “keeled,” a good common name might be Keeled Treehopper. The “keel” in the name apparently refers to the projections on the head and back of the insect. These treehoppers are looked after by ants, apparently for the honeydew produced by the hoppers. There wereRead more

Some Most Unusual Beetles and other Goodies

While watching a small Northern Water Snake stalk frogs from the Wetlands Overlook, I happened to see something wiggling amongst the dense plants in the water. A quick look through my binoculars revealed two large Predaceous Diving Beetle larvae locked in mortal combat, one had a death grip on the other. These larvae were quite large. Depending upon the species, Predacious Diving Beetle larvae, or Water Tigers as they’re sometimes called, can get to 70 mm (2.75”). They have largeRead more