The Animal Keepers cleaned the bear pool this week. The pools of water at the base of the Main Black Bear Overlook need to be cleaned every six months. The ponds collect much debris and algae and need cleaning. The cleaning often exposes all sorts of creatures, from crayfish to frogs.┬áThis exposition sometimes attracts opportunistic predators. It’s well known here at the Museum that red-shouldered hawks wait silently on perches along the edges of the Wetlands or in the swampRead more

Treefrog caught off guard

Caught out in the cold yesterday was a somewhat emaciated young Green Treefrog (Hyla cinerea). The frog was seen amongst the horesetail growing in front of the Butterfly House. It was apparently lured out of hibernation by the warm temperatures and rain of the night before. This, however, is December and fronts that carry precipitation are usually followed by cold, dry north winds, no kind of weather for a treefrog to be caught hopping around in. This is probably theRead more