Bluebird Update 5.21.13

We have three empty nests and three occupied nests. The Cow Pasture nest which was cleaned and readied last week for new occupants is still waiting for someone to move in. This nest has so far fledged four bluebirds. I expect there will be at least one more brood from this nest box. The bluebirds who have built a nest atop the old chickadee nest next to the Bungee Jump have laid four eggs in the nest. This nest hasRead more

Kingfisher Returns, With Some New Faces!

There were five Belted Kingfishers in the Wetlands on Wednesday afternoon (5/26). What does that mean? It means that our resident female, which is seen in the Wetlands nearly every day of the year until nesting duties call her away in April, has returned with her new family. I wasn’t able to get a close enough look to see if there were three young and both adults present or four young and just one of the parents. There was muchRead more