Some Sights From the Wild

Hearts a bursting or strawberry bush (Euonymus americanus) is showing off its namesake fruit. There are a dozen or so of these plants across the campus. The easiest to see and photograph is on the Dinosaur Trail, on the right side of the path just past the Albertosaurus. While on the Dino Trail, keep an eye out for a flatworm or land planarian, especially on warm, rainy days. Most people are familiar with planarian worms from biology lab back inRead more

A Bittersweet Discovery

Top Photo: Fruit of Euonymus fortunei or winter creeper. I happened to be walking through Into the Mist just as Exhibit Developer, Michele Kloda and Landscape¬†Supervisor, Christian Britt were installing steps on one of the tunnel mounds in that much visited playscape. Michele pointed to a vine growing up one of the black locust trees in the exhibit and suggested “bittersweet.” Glancing at the many red fruit dangling from the vine, and frankly, not knowing any better, I said, “yes,¬†IRead more

Busted Hearts on the Dino Trail

What ever you call it, Strawberry Bush, Hearts-a-bustin’, or Bursting Heart, this small, wiry shrub is unmistakable and spectacular when it goes to fruit. It usually goes unnoticed on the understory of the forest until its strawberry-like husks burst open to reveal bright red fruit in the fall. The scientific name is Euonymus americanus.                     You can find this plant on the Dinosaur Trail just past the Albertosaurus. It is immediatelyRead more