Nests in the trees

  The squirrel in the picture was busily running up and down the trunk of the pine tree that it was perched on, collecting material to add to its nest. The nest was placed on a horizontal branch of a pine directly over the boardwalk in front of the Black Bear Overlook.     Most squirrels build their nests in a crotch or fork of a tree adding support to the mass of leaves and twigs that make up theRead more

Corn On The Cob

I should say that the squirrel in the photo very much appreciates the animal keepers here at the Museum. It was the keepers who tossed the corn into the Black Bear Enclosure. The corn was meant for the bears to eat but the squirrel beat them to the punch. Happy squirrel.Read more


With the leaves off of the trees it’s easy to pick out the squirrel nests aloft. The last week of November I noticed quite a bit of activity as the resident Eastern Gray Squirrels collected fallen leaves and twigs and carried them up the tree trunks to fortify their winter homes in the branches above.Read more