You never know what you’ll catch…

The Sixspotted Fishing Spider (Dolomedes Triton) in the photo caught itself a heavy meal from its perch atop a lotus pad. To give some idea of the size of the spider, the tadpole was about two inches in length. By the way, the “sixspotted” part of the common name refers to six black spots on the underside of the spider, not the white spots on the abdomen.Read more

The Cycle Continues

Spring is moving right along here at the Museum. More insects are being seen, frogs and toads breeding, and turtles are out basking with ever more frequency. It can’t be stopped. There’s no turning back. It’s cold and rainy today (3/31), but once the low pressure system (two lows, in fact) that’s causing all of this wet weather passes our area, spring will continue the way it always has. The trees will proceed to leaf-out, birds will arrive from theirRead more