At about 1 PM today (9/15) I heard what sounded like a raven calling. The sound was distant and I couldn’t pin down a direction. Finally, I looked straight up. There, directly overhead, were two ravens soaring, at times kiting, in the light air far above.     Ravens are seen here at the Museum about once per year, usually in fall or winter. I didn’t see one last year, but I do recall hearing one at one point during the past winter. It’s usually theirRead more

Ravens 1, Eagles 0

Still no eagle, but I did see a Common Raven fly over Catch the Wind on Saturday (10/15). The large black bird was quickly flying north while being pursued by two crows, one of the smaller corvids flying above it, the other dive-bombing it from behind! You may be surprised to hear that I’ve seen more eagles fly over the Museum than I have ravens. In the past three years I’ve witnessed 5 Bald Eagles over the Museum’s airspace. I’ve onlyRead more