Top Photo: Green lacewing egg on leatherleaf viburnum. While standing next to a leatherleaf viburnum near the Sandbox in Gateway Park, I took a close look at the leaves of the shrub, you never know what you’ll find, getting up close to vegetation. To my surprise I spotted two green lacewing eggs. There was one egg on two separate leaves several inches apart. I’ve seen lacewing eggs before, but perhaps only once here at the museum. Most descriptions of lacewingsRead more

A Tiny Egg

While hiking along with Museum Summer Campers, as is usual on Wednesday mornings, I happened to turn over a partially eaten leaf in hopes of finding a caterpillar. What I found was a lacewing (Chrysopidae) egg. The egg was on a serviceberry in Catch the Wind across from Vapor Rings. If you’re not familiar with what a lacewing is, a larva can be seen here. I don’t have a photo of an adult but you can see many here at LacewingRead more