A Bittersweet Discovery

Top Photo: Fruit of Euonymus fortunei or winter creeper. I happened to be walking through Into the Mist just as Exhibit Developer, Michele Kloda and Landscape¬†Supervisor, Christian Britt were installing steps on one of the tunnel mounds in that much visited playscape. Michele pointed to a vine growing up one of the black locust trees in the exhibit and suggested “bittersweet.” Glancing at the many red fruit dangling from the vine, and frankly, not knowing any better, I said, “yes,¬†IRead more

Waxwings, “Just stopping by.”

The wandering nomadic flocks of Cedar Waxwings are always a pleasure to see. I usually hear them before I see them, their trill, high-pitched calls signaling their presence, either flying overhead or perched above in some tall tree staging for an assault of a nearby fruiting tree or shrub. Hearing high-pitched sounds is not as easy for me as it once was, so it was by sight that I first became aware of a flock here at the Museum lastRead more