Oddly Red

Top Photo: Redbud beginning to bloom in the last week of October. Redbud (Cercis canadensis) is a March bloomer in Durham County and surrounding areas. It was odd, but not totally surprising, to see buds about to open up on a redbud tree on the Dinosaur Trail this past week. Not surprising because, after all, we’ve been experiencing very mild weather with not a hint of frost. Even so, many of the leaves on this particular tree had turned toRead more

Canada Geese Rising

Top Photo: Goslings resting at Sailboat Pond on May 15, two weeks after first being sighted in wetlands. I first saw the pair of geese with 5 goslings in tow on the first day of May. They were swimming across the open water of our wetlands. Waterfowl in general are precocious, that is, they’re ready to go the day of, or day after they hatch. The next time I saw them they had lost one their number. The four remainingRead more

Canadian Geese?

First, let’s talk about the name. The common, and proper, name for the big brown goose with the long black neck and white chin is Canada Goose. A Canada Goose may indeed be Canadian, but they may also be American, it all depends upon which side of the US/Canada border it was hatched. The geese we have in our Wetlands are most assuredly American in origin, they were certainly hatched here in North Carolina. Their species name is Canada GooseRead more