Budgie in the Wetlands

Top Photo: Budgerigar settles on railing of floating walkway in wetlands. In their native land of Australia and in their native habitat of arid scrub, grassland and open woods, budgerigars (budgies) are green and yellow with black barring on their head, nape, back and wing coverts. The tail is blue. Here, they can be nearly any color from white to deep blue to yellow, with many combinations and variations in between. The pet trade has seen to those many colorsRead more

New Bird Species

No, not in the Wild, but in the Butterfly House Conservatory. As you walk down the narrow path, pass through the tropical foliage, and gaze at the many colorful, fluttering butterflies inside the Conservatory, keep an eye out for a group of small brightly colored birds with large bright red bills, Zebra Finches. The birds are native to Australia and Indonesia and are a popular cage species. Obviously granivores (the bill shape) seed has been put out for them nearRead more