Birds, Insects, Reptiles and Mammals Too!

If you keep your eyes and ears opened while hiking the Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind Loop you’re likely to see and hear all sorts of wonderful sights and sounds. Birds that have spent the winter in the tropics are back home and full of song. Insects that have spent the last few months or longer in pupal or larval states are entering the next phase of their lives. Reptiles are taking advantage of locally plentiful food andRead more

Herpetological Report from The Wetlands

A lone Yellow-bellied Slider was out basking on Friday January 28, and again the next day, 29 January. The yellow-bellied Slider (above) was up and about due to the unusually warm 60? weather. The temps slid down to the near normal 40?s for the next several days and the turtles went back under cover. – – Today (2/2), it’s supposed to climb to 70 degrees. There are currently half-a-dozen or so turtles basking on rocks and logs of the Wetlands.Read more

Fall Frogs

Although the temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s (30’s and 40s at night), there are still frogs to be seen in the Wetlands. Bullfrogs and some Green Frogs may be active throughout the winter. When I say active, I don’t mean that they’ll be hopping about the landscape as in summer, but perhaps sitting quietly in a nice sunny spot out of the wind. You may not always be able to find them, but they’ll be there. Bullfrog tadpolesRead more