October Color

Top Photo: Ashleaf maple, or boxelder. On a walk around the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind Loop I photographed some of the fall color during the last week of October. Here’s some of those images.Read more


Top Photo: Panaeolus sp. mushroom. These attractive mushrooms (Panaeolus sp.) sprouted under a fern at the entrance to the Dinosaur Trail. Boxelder, also known as ashleaf maple is a common tree here at the museum, but none reach their maximum height of about 60 feet. The name ashleaf maple comes from the tree’s compound leaves resemblance to ash leaves. It usually has five leaflets per leaf but may also have as little as three leaflets, which is the reason forRead more

Can you put a name on these leaves?

Knowing the difference between the leaves in the accompanying photos can save you days of misery. But before I tell you what they are, have a look and see if you can identify them yourself. Had a good look? The photos were taken from the boardwalk leading into the Wetlands. The two sets of leaves were within two feet of each other just off the elevated portion of the boardwalk, about 12 feet from the ground. You can easily reach outRead more